British Perfumers Smell Eastern Promise

British perfumers are beginning to get a nose for the oil industry, breathing in the scent of possibility and profits thanks to Englishman Andrew Steel. The founder and CEO of Treedom brought the valuable scent of oud oil to members of the British Society of Perfumers Society (BSP) during a keynote speech in May 2016. 

The one-day event at Whittlebury Hall, in the rolling hills of England, was a great success as perfumers were introduced and seduced by the rare qualities of the agarwood oil. Originating in the Middle East, Treedom produces the luxury oil in Thailand.

Established over half a century ago, BSP has a strong history of promoting perfumers’ interests and this involves educating experts on interesting ingredients. Known as ‘liquid gold’, oud oil has a deep, complex and mysterious scent; a powerful, woody and musky fragrance that has been used in the East for thousands of years.

British perfumers are becoming increasingly interested in the intriguing ingredient which though non-gender specific is often favoured in men’s colognes. During his speech, Treedom’s Andrew Steel encouraged fragrance makers to follow their noses to oud oil producers and work directly with them, cutting out unnecessary middle contacts which pump up costs.

In recent times, oud oil, which is highly valued in the East, has become ever-more popular in other parts of the world. British perfume producers are also pushing forward with this trend as they appreciate the robust basenote of oud oil which has real staying power, creating a longer-lasting fragrance.

Andrew Steel believes perfumers in Britain and the rest of Europe will begin to integrate oud oil into more scents and introduce oud oil perfume and cologne lines in the future. “The British, and of course renowned fragrance-making countries such as France and Italy, have a long tradition of producing unique scents that stand the test of time. I truly believe that the depth and luxurious aroma of oud oil aroma, along with its versatility, will appeal to more and more perfume manufacturers. The strong, earthy scent perfectly complements the tastes of British men who embrace the spirit of fierce independence and individuality, and who understand high-quality.”

During the event, British perfumers learnt how oud oil has been used in holistic therapies and its purported wellness benefits. As well as being used in cologne for men, oud oil can also create exotic fragrances for women as well as unisex perfumes which have become a hugely expanding market in recent years, especially with younger scent-seekers. Powerful perfumes for women with a distinct, almost masculine scent are in demand and oud oil is starting to smell like productivity and profits for many perfumers across the globe.

An example of how oud oil is being incorporated into dynamic ranges is its use in UK brand, Boadicea the Victorious who create luxury perfumes with a focus on highly-concentrated natural ingredients. 

Oud oil is also the perfect, blissful scent for spa and beauty products too and is renowned for its nourishing, anti-aging properties.

With recent reports that a certain member of the British royal family was gifted with an oud oil fragrance, the signs are there that the scent is resonating with the unique spirit of the British.