The Power of Relaxation with Oud Oil

Mysterious and mystical, the essence of oud oil’s potent perfume, its cultural heritage and its resonance within spiritual beliefs evokes a richly enticing and intriguing sense of wonder for this so-called ‘liquid gold’.
Renowned for its purported therapeutic properties and used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, oud oil has long-been regarded for its power to relax the mind, body and inner-being; a psychological salve that inspires calm, clarity and a sense of renewed power.

A powerful scent to stimulate and relax
Oud oil is used as a fragrance, for both men and women, as an alternative medicinal ingredient in both oil and powder form and as an incense. Agarwood chips, from which oud oil is extracted, create a heady scent that inspires a feeling of deep relaxation. It is this soothing, yet stimulating effect that makes oud oil increasingly popular in spa products; rich, luxurious and with deep layers of woody, earthy and exotic scents.

Why oud oil is a modern-day anxiety-relieving must-have
Stress levels are rising, creating health crises as well as adding a burden to the quality of lives of those affected and their ability to work and function. Relaxation is no longer considered an indulgence but a necessity to inspire balance, leading to a positive mindset and a healthy approach to life. Stress is a huge contributing factor behind a multitude of health problems. The need to unwind and let the commotion and physical, mental and emotional strains of modern-day existence dissipate is about taking positive action.

Relaxation is not about doing nothing per se, but a process to induce a less frenetic inner energy. Oud Oil is a way in which individuals can harness that priceless feeling of peace.

The potential relaxation properties of oud oil
The unique potency of oud oil is often regarded as allowing the mind to become calm and release negative emotions. Not only is this a way to instil a feeling of being at one with yourself but a way to energize consciousness levels and open the mind to greater creative thinking.

A meditative approach
A good anti-stress approach is to let go of feelings about the past and worries about the future by living in the present. One way to achieve this mindfulness is through quiet meditation with an oud oil scent permeating the atmosphere. A soothing burner of oud oil or some oil applied to the pulse points in a perfume or carrier oil instantly produces a dreamy, relaxed state in which the mind can wander and find its own sense of time and place.  From top athletes, to business leaders and those seeking spiritual solace oud oil complements meditative practices.

Oud oil and the mind

With a reputation for easing neuroses in favor of harmony, agarwood is used widely in the power of prayer with a belief that the incense rises along with the words to another spiritual level; connecting thought with feelings and energy with moods; calming the spirit and balancing the whole being.