Time for Agarwood Tea

A cup of tea is refreshing and can do you the world of good, especially if it is made from the leaves of one of Asia’s healing trees. The Agarwood tree truly is a wonder of nature; from its heady Oud Oil resinous scent popular in perfumes and colognes to shavings and tinctures used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the incredible healing properties of Agarwood are well reported and are being continuously scientifically explored.
Agarwood tea is an elixir of wellness and a brew of bountiful goodness that inspires wellbeing. Every element of Agarwood and Oud Oil seems to beckon further investigation and the deep heritage of therapeutic use provides an incredible amount of evidence about many purported health benefits.
Modern lifestyles and pollutants attack the body and indeed the mind, creating disease and health problems along the way. Alongside the spectacular advancements of medicine, there has been a growing interest in the power of plants and natural ingredients, many of which, like Agarwood, have been used for thousands of years in complementary health therapies.

Agarwood tea is a natural antioxidant and detoxifier
Oxidants can lead to age-related illnesses as well as aging the skin. The use of Agarwood in the fight to prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s is being investigated while the antioxidant agent found within Agarwood has been proven.

Diet and environment lead to the build-up of toxins and this can negatively impact your health, how you feel and indeed, how you look. Agarwood tea hydrates, is used to stimulate metabolism and aides in the reduction of body weight and potentially fat too. The brew is also used to treat constipation and there is study evidence that the tea can reduce blood glucose levels and help in the fight against diabetes.
Alongside this, the antibacterial agents and diuretic properties within the tea cleanse the body; flushing out and eliminating harmful toxins. It is purported that agarwood tea can help get rid of mercury in the body, a poisonous element that is not expelled naturally and which can cause many neurological problems if levels become high.
Alcohol is also eliminated by the tea, making agarwood a natural instant hangover cure or for longer use as part of a lifestyle choice. The overall impact is to increase energy levels and this can also play a part in combating chronic fatigue and give the body a boost to recuperate after an illness.

Agarwood tea is a feel-good pain and fever reliever
Analgesic and antipyretic properties of agarwood tea help reduce discomfort and high temperatures naturally. The smooth taste and wonderfully gentle aroma of agarwood tea calms the senses and induces a feeling of calm that instantly reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Caffeine-free and with no sugar, the tea is known for increasing circulation and can be a great nightcap to help promote a restful sleep and combat insomnia. Headaches are also helped due to the pain-relief effect too.
Reducing inflammation, relieving pain and having a good night’s sleep creates a feeling of balance within and this is further stimulated by Agarospirol in the Agarwood leaves which acts as a mood enhancer. The anti-anxiety properties of the tea and Agarwood in general are well-documented and in many cultures Agarwood is a natural treatment for depression.

It is because of the impact on the whole body and the mind, which is so intrinsically linked to physical health, that gives Agarwood tea its special quality as a truly holistic brew. Sipping several Agarwood teas a day as a general habit is believed to support the digestive system, immune system, circulatory system and the central nervous system; a cup brimming full of wellness and natural wonder.