Europe’s Love for Eau de Oud Oil

 Demand for Arabian oil is growing in Europe and Treedom produces the so-called liquid gold in Thailand for perfumers across the globe. The most expensive natural resource in the world, agarwood’s oud oil extract is regarded as a luxuriously mystical and powerful scent; an oil renowned for its therapeutic properties, its mood-enhancing effects and its incredible aromatic layers.

European perfumers smell luxury fragrance lines
The oil-rich monarchies of the GCC nations have a rich history of oud oil use, especially in perfumes for men and women. Now, Europeans are catching a whiff of the versatility and potential of the enticing, woody aromas of oud oil, particularly in creating high-value, luxury perfume lines and high-end fragrances.

The unique, mysterious qualities of oud oil and its potent scent are attracting more European fragrance houses. Those seeking to produce high-end perfumes regard oud oil as an exclusive, highly-valued and essential element in creating a special fragrance. Whilst the oil is an expensive product, demand for luxurious perfumes is high in Europe and as each perfumer explores the qualities of oud oil more follow.

Europe embraces the exotic qualities of oud
Whilst European countries such as France may have a global reputation for perfumes consumption for both men and women, in the Middle East the market demand is far higher. Oud oil is regarded as one of the most sought-after scents in this part of the world. The sweet, exotic complexity of oud oil has only really captured the attention of international fragrance houses in the last 10 years. Recognizing the wealth of the local Arab market and potential profits globally, European perfumers have embraced the power of oud oil and its rich scent.

Oud symbolizes the opulence of exoticness; a strong sense of heady passion and musky sensuality. Oud oil’s many layers lend itself to single-note fragrances for women and colognes for men, as well as discovering exciting combinations and innovative scents.

Whilst some European perfumers may have started out or still focus on fragrances for the Arab market, there is a growing demand for oud oil from European consumers too. To satisfy demand from this newly emerging European market, there is a real culture of experimentation with oud oil scents in Europe right now, with never-before-seen combinations expanding the allure of this ancient

Arabian oud oil to Europe via Thailand
With a global fragrance market estimated to be worth around $46 billion US dollars in the next year or two, the number of new scents hitting the shelves each year is rising significantly. New markets are emerging and old markets such as the Middle East and Europe are merging and crossing over. Celebrity perfumes may have reached saturation point, but there is a growing demand for unisex perfumes and greater choice in men’s colognes.

In the midst of these shifts, Treedom symbolizes a new age of perfume making. The production of Arabian oud oil comes from certified agarwood plantations in Thailand, with growing production and demand in the Western world.  With plantations and a distillation factory, Treedom is supplying the growing European market with high-quality oud oil, as well as the Middle East.

Oud oil retains its avant-garde perfume status in Europe, considered the hallmark of exclusive and exotic collections; regarded as a special ingredient that is unequivocally unique and exciting.